Your security is our commitment!


Airport services

 Burbank Security Services offers several services designed to protect our customers aircraft's and more importantly the millions of passengers that fly on them.
We specialize in securing aircraft's for International Airlines. Please contact us to discuss solutions that will keep your airline in compliance with US security regulations. 



  • 24 Hours Warehouse Security
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • IONSCAN 600
  • Loss Prevention
  • Mail Monitoring
  • Cargo Screening



  • Aircraft Security Search
  • Aircraft AOA Ramp Perimeter Guarding
  • High Value Security Control 
  • Crew Escort and Transportation
  • Security Escort for Personnel & Vichicles
  • Yellow Line Guarding
  • Catering Security / Sealing and Inspection


  • Documentation 
  • TSA Self Audits 
  • TSA Monthly Reports 
  • Cargo Monitoring